Firm Overview

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Tatsumi and Partners, Inc. is an award-winning landscape architectural/urban design firm providing design and consulting services to private and public sector clients throughout the southwestern states since 1985.  As with all premier service-oriented organizations, the firm is built upon a team of individuals recognized as leaders in their respective fields but sharing a common characteristic ... attention to the clients and their needs.  The firm’s work includes planning, design, construction documents, construction administration and plan checking for boards, cities, counties, state agencies, and transportation authorities.  Completed projects include master plans, visual assessments, aesthetics designs, designs for business centers, educational facilities (elementary through university), public parks and recreational systems, various urban spaces and plazas, highway and streetscape enhancements, and other transit systems – including railroad and bus lines.


To insure maximum responsiveness to each client, each project is headed by the principal member of the firm who maintains continuous involvement in the project design and management and client contact.  In addition to the talents of its personnel, the full resources of the firm’s advanced technological systems – such as computer-aided design/drafting, photo-realistic computer imaging, 3-D animated walkthroughs, global positioning satellite system (GPS), and computerized project management – are available to each project.