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Conceptual Designs

Tatsumi and Partners plays a major role in many of Southern California’s keynote public-works projects as conceptual designers for the visual experience of these projects. Many of these projects include transportation projects where the visual sensations have to be experienced by both traveler and the surrounding communities. Context sensitive designs is a term used almost universally but is clearly focused the importance of blending the visual icons of the new projects with the visual spirit and experience of the communities and environments within which the projects serve.

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Visual Impact Assessment

The profession of landscape architecture models itself as the stewards of the land. Toward this goal, Tatsumi and Partners regularly contributes to the quality of life around projects by assessing the visual impacts those projects will ultimately have on that quality of life. Tatsumi’s visual analysts are experienced with the conduct of visual assessments, preparation of study reports and defense of these reports for projects of all size. The firm recently completed work on the Visual Impact Assessment of major modifications to the I-710 Corridor from the Port of Long Beach up to the northern terminus of the highway. Other projects may be smaller in scale or may not require a visual study at the level of a full Visual Impact Report. As part of this assessment work, Tatsumi’s in-house 3-D digital modelers create simulations of proposed designs in a series of “before and after” visual recreations. All visual assessments are authored by a licensed landscape architect and comply with CEQA/NEPA requirements.

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Aesthetic Designs

Designers at Tatsumi and Partners apply imagination to technology to create visually adaptive and pleasing built environments for small and large projects. Projects benefiting from our designers’ artistry range from small city entry monuments to large-scale highway corridors to the visual theme development for new and renovated bridges.


Design and Planning

Tatsumi and Partners has participated in over 400 major transportation and public-sector projects since 1985. These range from San Diego to Fresno within California and as far as Phoenix, Arizona. All designs are created with an optimum blend of creativity, artistry and imagination fused with real-world sensitivity to cost controls, conductibility, safety, maintenance and a global responsibility to the environment.


Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E)

Tatsumi and Partners possesses the expertise and experience to prepare detailed plans, specifications and estimates which comply with agency requirements including Caltrans. Utilizing both AutoCAD and MicroStation, Tatsumi staff prepare the plans in seamless coordination with the rest of the design/engineering team. Full compliance to CAD and drafting requirements by the lead agency/department is maintained by means of advanced planning for CAD systems, experience and as audited and approved Quality Assurance/Quality Control process.